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Miracle on the Delaware

Published 1953

PA-0807 shotlist:

07:10:56:15 Philadelphia as seen across Delaware River.

07:11:07:23 Great shot from car on Delaware Bridge.

07:11:13:10 Pan up industrial building in Camden, NJ; Campbell’s soup water tower on top of building.

07:11:27:07 Aerial of Levittown, Pennsylvania suburbs; pan over Levittown suburbs.

07:11:43:24 Aerial Trenton, NJ.; VS bustling streets in 1950s downtown Trenton, New Jersey.

07:11:57:19 VS downtown Wilmington, Delaware in 1950s.

07:12:04:07 High-angle Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; pan over steel mill, large smoke stacks and smoke rise from mill.

07:12:44:04 Hess Brothers van drives down street; shot from car driving toward Allantown’s Hess Brothers toy store.

07:13:03:26 CU baby cries in crib; camera pans up to drawing of Fulton steamship painted on wall above baby; cut to aerial of steamship freighter on Delaware River.

07:13:22:21 LS little boy climbs up on pile of wood planks along pier and waves to Fernsrove cargo ship; low-angle of boy in matching jacket and hate waving at cargo ship.

07:13:32:08 VS cargo ships in Port of Philadelphia. Ships include the Exiria and Angelina; VS Port of Philadelphia workers drive forklifts and move large pipes, cranes lift cargo into ships, trucks deliver produce.

07:14:51:08 High-angle of trucks delivering produce in shipyard; VS Black dockworkers pass sacks of potatoes down line off of Dock St.; Great shot of Dock St.

07:15:13:21 Pan over row of parked delivery trucks for Joyce Delivery Service, Food Fair Stores Inc. with ad on side of truck for “Super Speed Shopping”, Snow Crop Frozen Foods.

07:15:25:11 CU newborn baby in crib tossing and turning in sleep.

07:15:36:26 VS Fairmount Park in Philadelphia, largest city park in the world; Independence Hall.

07:15:48:07 Pan down newspaper building with clock tower on top, billboard for Schlitz beer on side of building.

07:15:52:20 Great shot of sign hanging from brick building for Philadelphia Jewish Morning Journal “American’s Oldest Jewish Morning Daily.”

07:15:56:16 Low-angle looking up at large Philadelphia buildings.

07:16:08:00 Newborn baby in crib crying.

07:16:14:15 Locust St. Theatre in Philadelphia showing Mardi Gras with Lenore Ulric; the Walnut theatre, oldest in United States; CU pan down movie poster for The Starcross Story with Eva Le Gallienne and Mary Astor.

07:16:29:24 Play in football game shot from sideline of Franklin Field; 1950s audience in stadium.

07:16:45:27 High-angle Connie Mack Stadium; player hits double in baseball game in Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia.

07:17:00:10 Great shot of 1950s cars pass camera driving along tree-lined street.

07:17:10:03 Crowd outside of old stone church in suburban Philadelphia; people exiting gothic church doors dressed in coats and hats in 1950s fashion.

07:17:23:15 Great shot, CU clown smoking a cigar with face painted white with smears of red like blood dancing in Mummers Parade; men dressed as Indians with colorful headdresses and feathery costumes marching in parade while playing accordions and banjos; Black members of parade audience along street cheering, laughing, having good time; VS colorful carnival-like costumes of people marching in parade.

07:17:54:22 CU 1950s woman wearing 1950s style glasses and with scarf wrapped around head takes big bite of pastry; VS Mummer Parade and audience.

07:18:09:11 CU newborn baby asleep in crib.

07:18:21:06 Tilted angle shot of building, CU sign for Westinghouse KYW-WPTZ Radio & Television Center.

07:18:30:03 Great shot on set of 1950s cooking show, WPTZ camera and disembodied arm of cameraman on side of camera films chef cooking with woman; gray haired man on set of children’s show talks to squirrel puppet; great shot on set of TV commercial shoot with WPTZ camera along left edge of frame and man and woman seated at table in front of box of Instant Fels Naphta, boom microphone hangs above and between man and woman; CU cute baby in pink frilly dress; great shot cameraman in Hawaiian style shirt looking into large WPTZ television camera.

07:18:45:14 VS neon lights at night: Welcome to Philadelphia and Gimbels, Howard, Schmidt’s of Philadelphia Beer Ale “None better since 1860,” Budweiser “Those who know…buy bud,” Westinghouse “Listen to KYW, Television, Ranges-Lamps,” Goldman, Fox Theatre, Cinerama, Stouffer’s, Horn & Hardart.

07:19:18:11 Great VS of row of houses all with large antennas ;CU antennas on house roofs; CU single antenna on roof of house, blue sky behind it, camera pans to neighboring houses antenna, then to the antenna on the next house; CU antenna on house roof.

07:19:33:29 CU man with maroon sweater tied over shoulders smokes wood pipe gazing upward deep in thought.

PA-0795 shotlist:

10:50:02:26 Great shot on set filming 1950s commercial; man and woman at table with box of Fels Naphtha, WPTZ television camera with disembodied hand on side of camera in frame of shot.

10:50:23:18 Great shot of adorable little girl wearing a pink frilly dress, standing in front of a painted backdrop of a house with Miss Terry painted over the door directly above the head of the little girl.

10:50:27:12 Great shot of man behind black and red movie camera; complete darkness behind man behind camera.

10:50:30:14 CU adorable smiling baby looking into camera; Miss Terry written on wall in background.

10:50:35:15 Great shot on set of cooking television show with woman in kitchen cooking with man in full chef’s outfit wearing a large white hat; WPTZ television camera along edge of frame with disembodied hand on side of camera.

10:50:41:16 CU composition of fruit, grapes, banana, apple, topless pineapple on wood cutting board; leafy top of pineapple is placed back on to the pineapple.

10:50:49:17 Surreal shot of gray haired man talking to squirrel puppet on table; man holds large white notepad with different handwritten names of foods and labeled on top of notepad Acme, various foods include: individual Meat Loaf, Ideal Peas & Carrots, Endive with French Dressing, Stewed Dried Apricots, Bread and Butter. CU man talking to squirrel puppet.

10:51:06:19 CU disembodied hands place Golden Gift Fresh Orange Juice label on carton of orange juice.

10:52:29:03 Low-angle 1950s Acme supermarket with several cars parked out front. VS shelves in supermarket. CU S.O.S soap, Brillo Soap Pads, Blu White on supermarket shelf.

10:52:41:05 Great shot of 1950s customers at supermarket checkout; large Serve Yourself neon sign in back of supermarket; CU disembodied hand rings up groceries on register.

10:52:54:10 CU Tritzels Thin Pretzels, Town House Crackers by Keebler among other products on counter at supermarket checkout; MS woman bagging groceries.

Producer WPTZ Motion Picture Unit
Audio/Visual sound, color


Cinematography by Ralph Lopatin. Written and Narrated by Dick McCutchen. Produced and Directed by Cal Jones.


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